Whatsapp 3 New Updates 2021

                  Whatsapp Has Announced 3 New Features on 2021
Whatsapp Updates its Service Day by day To improve its Performance and Give Better Audience Satisfaction. Now on New Year Whatsapp is Going to Introduce 3 Best features for its User to provide Security and Convenience.
What is These Three Features:   
  • Ability to paste multiple items on chat.
  • Whatsapp Terms and Conditions for users in 2021
  • Audio and  Video Calls Availability in Browser and Desktop
Ability to paste Multiple Items on Chat:
According to Whatsapp Beta Info, Whatsapp Beta for IOS ( will be the First beta of Whatsapp will give Ability to copy multiple items (photos and Videos) and paste on chat. With this feature you will be able to Select multiple Images and  videos  from gallery  and Export them to tape and paste them.
Update to Whatsapp Terms and Conditions
On 8th Feb,2021 All the Users Will Have to Agree  with the new Whatsapp Terms and Conditions, if you fail to do, then you might have  to Delete Your Whatsapp Account So Be Careful and Willing to Carefully Read all of the Whatsapp policy and Conditions
Audio and Video Calls On Browser and Desktop

Now this feature is best for those Who use Whatsapp on the Desktop, With This Feature They Will do Audios and Video Calls Soon.

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