Facebook Messenger New Feature Vanish mode

Facebook is world Well Known Social media Website There are millions of peoples using Facebook to communicate their friends, family members. That's why Facebook is very popular all over the world and now Facebook organization focused is on customer satisfaction so They introduce new feature day by day to increase people engagement.

What is Vanish mode ?

 Facebook Messenger has recently introduced a new feature called "Vanish Mode" for its users. This feature Automatically delete all photos, video, and messages when chat is closed.                                

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  Facebook also said that users will also be able to send a photo or sticker to someone or a friend of theirs will send them a photo, etc. Once the user sees it, it will automatically disappear from the chat. ۔ In addition, if either user takes a screenshot of the sent message or image, the other user will be notified via notification. 

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This feature is now available to the US public only as a trial and will be extended to users in other countries after a successful result.

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