Google Announcing the end of free photo storage next year 2021

 Google New Update About Free Photo Storage

Recently Google Announcing that Since June 2021, Google Photos has been changing the free account storage policy for photos that users will not like at all. Google has also announced that if a user has not used a Gmail, Drive or Photos account for two years, the company may delete the content there.

Google Rapidly Changes its policy for better its Organization and Search Engine at All but With This Update User are Not Ready to Accept this Changes.

Google Photos will give 15 Gb free of Storage to its User for videos and photos but if user need more storage than he will pay for it 

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According to Google, 8% of its users can take at least 3 years to fill up 15 GB of storage, but 20% can fill it in a very short time then they will pay for more
Now The good news is that before June 1, 2021, photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will not be counted in the 15 GB storage. So that Users are free to add more data to its Google photos before June  2021.

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