Google Chrome Not Opening|Google Chrome Not Working Fix

 Google Chrome Not Working issue Fix

 Google Chrome Sometimes Not Open Due to High malware programs Stops it.For this Reason in this Post i will help you to fix these Issues with in 2  to 5 min of article and video so let's start...

Steps to Follow:

  •   Restart The Pc/laptop/Mobile:

So, First Step After Google chrome is not working in android devices or in PCs is to Restart The device and after Restart.Refresh the Desktop of PCs and then open Chrome Browser Hope it will work and Your problem is Solved
  • Remove Running Task
if  First Method is not solve your Problem so Next move to 2nd method,So First Right-click on Task bar -- > Task Manager now under Processes column End  Chrome browser running task and then Open Chrome Browser.Hopefully it will Work and Chrome Browser opens Successfully guarantee.

  • Uninstall chrome Browser
Now If these 2 methods will not work then last method is to uninstall chrome Browser and all of its data.


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