How to download videos from facebook

How to download videos from facebook

Download Videos From facebook
Copy Facebook Post Url On PC
Copy Facebook Post Url On Mobile

Methods To download videos from facebook hd:-

    Nowadays Facebook is Growing very fastly  because  facebook has introduced new features that impress people and now they are unable to stop using facebook so for that reason people on facebook are increasing rapidly.

Now more People are also unable to know how to download  videos on facebook, many people search “How to Download  facebook Videos hd, Also they have confusion about how to download videos from facebook messenger, facebook page, closed group and else.

     Now there are many websites, Android and IOS Apps that allows you to download videos from facebook easily.

In this post I will define how to download facebook videos easily.

Top Website for downloading facebook videos:


  2. fbdownloader

  3. getfvid

  4. fbdown

There are some online websites from which you can download video.i can also use these websites to download facebook videos but now i’m using Idm to download it is very simple and easy to download from idm.

Now steps for downloading the videos are the same in all websites so let's begin.

Steps to downloading the facebook videos:

  • First to fall copy the url of the video you want to on the top right corner of the three dots.Now click on copy link to copy.

  • Now Paste the copied link from your favourite website after that its upon you to download in hd or as Mp3.

I hope you will get the point of how to download facebook videos.

                How to Copy facebook Post Url On PC:

Now People use facebook a lot of the time but most of them didn’t know how to copy facebook post url or post link.I would also search it for a lot of time and succeed and now i am able to copy facebook post url.Now i will define it to very interesting way so let’s start

        On facebook Every post has a timestamp like it may be something just now,5 min etc.Now You need to simply click on this timestamp of any facebook post after that you will see the post address at the top address bar.So copy this address this is the address of you facebook post.

How to Copy the Facebook post Url On Mobile

  On Mobile it is easy to copy the facebook post url Now simply tap on Share > More Options >Copy to clipboard.





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