Dual whatsapp|How to Use Two Whatsapp in Android Phone

Dual Whatsapp

Dual Whatsapp|Use Two Whatsapp In Android Phone
This post, we talk about How to use two Whatsapp in one Mobile phone. Is it Possible? Yes, it is possible to use Dual Whatsapp in one smartphone at the same time.

App Cloning:
Many smartphones have built-in features that allow users to have two separate accounts on the same app. This totally depends upon the Mobile phone brand, the model, and the version of the software it is running on whether it is a Higher or lower model. If your smartphone already has this option, then it is easiest and the most convenient way to use dual WhatsApp in One smartphone with Different Phone numbers. But in majority cases, it is not possible that different Mobile phone companies didn't allow this due to some reason.
Now in This post, We Would define another  Method That will Help You to use Dual Whatsapp. Now lets Start.
Business Whatsapp:-
In  Business Whatsapp you are allowed to add another Phone Number to create Business Account.its all steps are simple But If You didn't Business WhatsApp then you will Move to another Method

Parallel Spaces or Dual Spaces:
If You did not use Business WhatsApp.Then you will Download parallel Spaces or Dual spaces from the play store.
After Installing you will simply add the Whatsapp application that you already download. Now click it and wait for Open. Here You will see it will ask you to add your Phone Number to sign in or create a new account.
Note: give a new Number to register an account.

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