Computer Tips|Top 5 Computer Tips to become Expert

 Top 5 Computer Tips to become Expert

These Amazing 5 tips and tricks Will grow your computer knowledge and You will become an expert on computers or laptops. almost a huge number of people will not Know About these tricks So let's start...

Shutdown Timer Button in Computer:-

This trick will be applied to all versions of windows.
Right-click on Your Desktop New -> Shortcuts

  • click on shortcuts a Dialog box Will Appear.
  • Now Type code " shutdown -s -t 60 " And Press Next.
Note: You can also set Your Own time like with this command computer will shut down after 1 minute now you can change it.

  • Now Type the Name of Shortcut and click on Finish.

 Shortcut Dialog box

Note: for Abort this auto Shutdown You will type this command in Run command i-e
shutdown -a
this command will abort the auto shutdown.

What is GOD Mode In Windows:-

God Mode is a simple way of handling specific windows command in one window. God mode will give Computer users quick access to most of the commands from the Control Panel.
  • Right-click on Your Desktop New -> Folder
  • Now Type following code in folder and press ok:
  • {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  • Now you see the icon of the folder changes to control pane.

How to set a StartUp program in computer:-

This is a very easy and helpful tip for a computer user who spent a lot of time using computer software like ms excel, VLC player. Now Type the following command in Windows Run command
" Shell:startup "
and Hit Enter Now a folder will appear in this Folder You simply add a shortcut of any software you need to start.

How to Shutdown down a Computer with slide:-

In your daily life, You will shut down your computer in a manual way like open start menu and pressing power menu and shut down your pc but in this trick, you will learn How to Shutdown your computer with this shortcut slide method

  • Right-click on Your Desktop New -> Shortcuts
  • click on shortcuts a Dialog box Will Appear.
  Shortcut Dialog box

  • Now Type code " %windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe " And Press Next.
  • Now You are able to shut down your PC with this amazing shortcut

How to Start Any Software/program with the Shortcut key:-

In this, You are able to open the desired program or Software with shortcut keys.
Now You simply Right-click on the icon of your desired software And click on Properties here you will find Shortcut key Option Now simply tap on it and type any key with CTRL button and press apply.
Now with this trick, you can simply add shortcut keys of any program easily.

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