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 Important FACTS That YOU EVEN Don't know


                     if you save your powerpoint presentation in .pps instead of  .ppt your files goes into slide show mode when you open it.this is very useful for presentation.

Remote Control:

                    Not sure Wheather Your Remote Control Working or Not..? Use any camera to check wheater it emits light when you press Button.

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                    On Calculator The C (clear) button is used to Clear All entry Whereas the CE(clear entry) is used to clear most recent entry.   
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Control Panel:-
                         In Windows , Create  a new Folder and Name it 
"Control panel.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}"
Access any Control Settings in the Folder.

             if you need to got down something Quickly ?
Open a Notepad in your browser
data:text/html,<html contenteditable>
into the address bar.
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VLC Player:
                 You can Take a Snapshot of Video You are watching  Via VLC Media player
Hit Shift + S  on windows

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MS Excel:
                 Saving an Excedlm file as an .XLSB Extension will shrink the size by Half and 75%.

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Laptop battery: 
                        Laptop battery can Last longer if you charge them upto only 80% instead  of full 100  %. 

            if Your printer is Out of Black ink change the font color to # 010101 for 99% grey.
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               When Playing mobile games , the easiest way to stop ads is  to play it  in AirPlane Mode .
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Copy paste:
                      TO  paste Copied text without the formatting, use  cmd /CTRL+SHIFT+ V
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Clear Browsing Data:
                                 In Chrome Quickly access the  Clearing Browsing Data      by  Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ V

Unlimited tabs on Chrome:
                                        Have  a lot of Tabs open  on a chrome ?
Use Cmd +1 ,2,3 to go specific tab based on their position or CTRL +Tab to just Cycle through the tab.

         TO download the Youtube video insert  "ss" after www. and before
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